Verify a Patient

1. Click the SEARCH TAB
2. Enter Patient ID #
3. Click   BLUE -> BUTTON  to search

Response results may take a few seconds, depending upon site traffic – please be patient.


If a patient holds a Cann-Medical physician’s recommendation for other than general use – you will find more information under a NOTES FIELD that will appear IF there are comments to disclose.

Only ONE valid result should be shown, below the form.

Step 1: Select the SEARCH tab

Step 2. Enter Patient ID Number

Step 3. Click the SUBMIT Button (once) and watch for results, below the form

If you can not locate the patient record – check the Patient ID number (located top left corner), and try again.

If the system doesn’t respond, at all – consider clearing your browser’s cache and cookies; then try again.

You are also welcome to phone our office, during office hours, for a verification, by one of our staff.

      Phone 916-822-5690